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Twilight Smokes Pot
It began like many other fan fictions do: Twilight Sparkle sitting at the table in her spacious library-tree-home, reading the latest edition of Magic Monthly. All was quiet, and for the first time in a while, she had no plans for the night. She could finally just relax and do what she pleased. And in this case, it's skim through her favorite magazine at 2:45am.
Suddenly she heard a noise from outside. A cough. Then, a giggle. Generally, Twilight would ignore noises like this, since they were more than likely passers-by. These noises, however, were very close. Closer to her library than most passers-by normally get. Is somepony spying on her?
As she checked to assure no one was peaking in the windows and doors, she heard another cough. This one was worse than the last. Are they sick? She heard another giggle, followed by urgent whispering and more stifled laughter. Clearly, someone near her home does not want it to be known that they are there, and it was up to Twilight to find out why
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Toymaker's Creation

"When you're rife with devastation
There's a simple explanation
You're a toymaker's creation
trapped inside a crystal ball!
And whichever way he tilts it
know that we must be resilient
We won't let them break our spirits
as we sing our silly song!

When I was a little filly
a galloping blaze overtook my city
So they shipped me off to the orphanage
Said, "Ditch those roots if you wanna fit in"
So I dug one thousand holes
and cut a rug with orphan foals
Now memories are blurred
and their faces are obscured
But I still know the words to this song!

When you've bungled all your bangles
and your loved ones have been mangled
Listen to the jingle-jangle
of my gypsy tambourine!
Cause these chords are hypnotizing
and the whole world's harmonizing
So please children stop your crying
and just sing along with me!"

- Pinkie Pie, "Friendship is Witchcraft"


Emerald Nursing
Emerald Hues nursing her foal.
I hope this doesn't offend anyone. Sometimes visual depictions of breastfeeding are culturally sensitive or uncomfortable and make people lose their minds for no good reason.
If that's you, well... sorry, I guess. Still posting this anyway because other people's problems don't get to dictate what I draw.
Look at this geek
Now with improvised cutie mark because her player never told us what Unity's real cutie mark is so I made up something plausible.
Anyway, jeeze, just look at this dork, with the ridiculous plaid and those square glasses and a pocket full of pens.
What a nerd, right?

... Still Mistral's favorite nerd, though.
Mistral Winds
Better drawing than the one before. This is a pegasus OC that I'm currently running in a pony RPG.
Diamond Hues And Shining Facets
Diamond Hues (white unicorn on the right) and Shining Facets (dark unicorn on the left), the parents of Emerald, Topaz, and Sapphire Hues.

Quick bios written up for the RPG they're characters in:

Diamond Hues:
Diamond Hues originates from the Hues Noble House, a family of minor nobility in Sparkle City.

Many members of the Hues family have historically had a distinct taste for adventure in their early adult lives, and Diamond Hues was no exception. She discovered this inclination while studying generalist magic and thaumo-archaeology at Radiance Magic College, venturing farther and farther into the field over the course of her under-graduate and graduate degree pursuits to explore and document pre-catastrophic sites and artifacts. Although an ethical grey area for an archaeologist, she sometimes took the opportunity her exotic destinations afforded her for personal "off-the-books" treasure hunting on the side, though she was careful and scrupulous to properly catalog and turn over any items that offered the possibility of restoring significant pieces of beneficial magical knowledge to ponykind.

During most of her college years, she was regarded as a very high achiever academically and magically, but distant and bookish (another long-standing Hues family tendency). After completing her studies, however, she made frequent long journeys to explore various destinations on the Isle of Yore. In the process, she fell in and out with various groups of traveling companions and made numerous friends, which helped to loosen her previously stiff attitude and broaden her social horizons and comfort level.

Near the end of one of these journeys, she parted ways with her companions in the Pony Republic. Although she intended to lodge in one of the towns until she could find safe passage toward Sparkle City with a caravan or other large group, she happened to meet an aristocratic family while passing through their lands who offered her hospitality in their manor as fellow minor nobility. One member of this family, a young and handsome unicorn stallion named Shining Facets, quickly became friends with her. She took notice of his fascination with her travels, his initiative and thirst to learn and satisfy his own curiosity despite most of his family's disdain for higher education, and his willingness to see the merits of her family's ideas about eugenic selection. Her interest was piqued, so acting on a sudden hunch, she took the opportunity to research his family, pedigree, and high magicality.

Realizing that an uncommonly ideal opportunity was in front of her, Diamond Hues decided to take the forward approach and ask for his help in becoming pregnant, saying she wanted to return home from this journey carrying the greatest treasure of all: a foal. Shining Facets agreed, and also decided to accompany her to Sparkle City to pursue a long-term romance, to which Diamond Hues readily assented. By the time they reached Sparkle City, Diamond Hues had her wish and was pregnant with the couple's first child, Emerald Hues. Shining Facets remained in Sparkle City permanently to help start their new family and be a part of his foal's life. Diamond Hues soon married him after a period of courtship just long enough to satisfy appearances among the nobility. They have remained happily married and had three foals together in total, all of them very strongly magical.

Shining Facets:
Shining Facets was born in the Pony Republic to a family of landed minor aristocrats of some wealth. His ancestry includes numerous highly magical unicorns, with some highly magical pegasi and a few very magical earth ponies. It was this high magical ability and the preservation of some precatastrophic knowledge which allowed them to accomplish heroic deeds that had earned them their landholdings and entitlements in the distant past. This strong magicality continued to manifest in later generations, Shining Facets being one of most notable examples. However, by the time of his parents' generation, they had mostly become complacent with their place near the top of the social strata, uninterested in higher pursuits or education and content to simply maintain their status quo of living in ease from agricultural profits.

Shining Facets found the prospect of this rural plantation-artistocrat life vaguely boring and not very satisfying, but had few other options in sight until his mid-twenties, when a beautiful unicorn mare passed through. The mare, Diamond Hues, was wandering the Isle of Yore at the end of a series of adventures and had recently parted ways with her previous companions, leaving her traveling alone back to Sparkle City. In the interests of fostering goodwill with other noble houses, Shining Facets' family offered her hospitality as a guest in their manor until she could arrange for safe passage home.

Diamond Hues and Shining Facets became good friends. He was fascinated by the stories she told of her travels, by her refined education, and by her intellectual wit and drive to explore and learn. She also told him about her family's long-running eugenic traditions. Being familiar as a farmer with the potential for selective breeding to create powerful advantages in emphasizing the most useful traits, he came to see these practices as interesting and sensible.

Nearing the end of her stay, Diamond Hues told Shining Facets quite forwardly that as the capstone to her adventures, she wanted to return home with a foal, and after getting to know him and researching the qualities of his family history and pedigree, she wanted it to be his. Shining Facets was willing to accommodate in helping her become pregnant, as well as wanting to pursue the prospect of a long-term romantic relationship. He also saw this as a convenient opportunity to get away from his current life and experience a city with a major center of learning, so he traveled with Diamond Hues for the ostensible purpose of escorting her home safely rather than letting her make the long journey alone.

By the time they arrived in Sparkle City, Diamond Hues was pregnant with the couple's first foal, Emerald Hues. Shining Facets never returned to the Pony Republic, remaining in Sparkle City permanently to start his new family. After a period of courtship just suitably long enough to satisfy appearances, he married Diamond Hues and became part of the Hues Noble House. They have been very happily married ever since and have had three foals in total, all of whom have been very highly magical unicorns.
Emerald... Single Dad?
Emerald: ...And one time, they even made me wear a cheerleader outfit. I guess everyone thought it would be funny. Sometimes they're silly like that.
Amethyst: But you found all the Elements of Harmony, right?
Emerald: Yep. But you know what? Out of all the stuff I brought home from those crazy adventures, an Element wasn't the best thing.
Amethyst: Really? What was the best thing?
Emerald: You, of course!

Someone wanted to see rule 63 Emerald Hues as a single father, so I drew it. The foal came out purple and was named accordingly in the Hues family gemological tradition, I guess. Still still conveniently ambiguous about unicorn or pegacorn, though.



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I like to draw things sometimes. I'm not a professional in the sense of making my living primarily on it, but I will admit that it's a dream of mine to eventually be able to do that. The best I can manage right now is the very occasional commission here and there, and I may never make it "for real", but all the same I don't think I'll ever give up. I enjoy this too much. :)
Hey, I wrote another MLP story.

Twilight Sparkle unwittingly makes her first prank phone call. It's... an experience.

I don't know where this came from. It was a stupid random idea, but one that just begged to be written, so I did, and it turned out pretty alright for my first comedy. :D Read it on

For A Good Time, Cal...



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