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Toymaker's Creation

"When you're rife with devastation
There's a simple explanation
You're a toymaker's creation
trapped inside a crystal ball!
And whichever way he tilts it
know that we must be resilient
We won't let them break our spirits
as we sing our silly song!

When I was a little filly
a galloping blaze overtook my city
So they shipped me off to the orphanage
Said, "Ditch those roots if you wanna fit in"
So I dug one thousand holes
and cut a rug with orphan foals
Now memories are blurred
and their faces are obscured
But I still know the words to this song!

When you've bungled all your bangles
and your loved ones have been mangled
Listen to the jingle-jangle
of my gypsy tambourine!
Cause these chords are hypnotizing
and the whole world's harmonizing
So please children stop your crying
and just sing along with me!"

- Pinkie Pie, "Friendship is Witchcraft"



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... That would be worth watching?

It's weird that I ask, because, you see, I kinda have this rule that I don't watch TV. Most of it is mind-numbingly boring.

Every once in a while, though, someone manages to create an exception. When I find one of the rare few gems, I like to get hold of the entire series and focus on just that one show, watching all the episodes sequentially and taking in all that it has to offer. Maybe I'm just weird, but I approach TV as literature, not just background noise (which I can't stand, if you're not really paying attention to something, it's only distracting you from what actually matters so turn it off!), so I expect it to be good and to contribute something of some kind of intellectual value or thought to induce examination of something important.

Right now I'm working through House, which has been awesome but I'm almost at the end of the series. Thus, it's time for me to think about scouting for my next series (if anything out there is worth it). Honestly, I'm out of ideas - one of the side effects of not watching regular TV is that you never see commercials, so you have no idea what's on TV. :P Awesome how that works, isn't it?

So if you have any ideas, name a TV series that you think is worth watching. Bonus points for explaining why it's worth it, too.

... And don't bother suggesting My Little Pony, but for the opposite reason. I'm already watching every new episode as they come out. You need not worry about that. I would never ever miss the Ponies. :D


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Help fund my conquest of the world so that I can harness the resources to construct a gigantic laser and use it to carve pictures of stuff (like Princess Luna, for example) onto the moon.

You know, just for giggles. And for Luna. :)

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  • dAhub
    Donated Mar 15, 2014, 12:19:56 AM



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I like to draw things sometimes. I'm not a professional in the sense of making my living primarily on it, but I will admit that it's a dream of mine to eventually be able to do that. The best I can manage right now is the very occasional commission here and there, and I may never make it "for real", but all the same I don't think I'll ever give up. I enjoy this too much. :)

Commission Prices!

Yes, commissions. Seriously interested in starting to do a lot more of them.


(Note: Payment through Paypal is highly preferred! Point payments are subject to a large cut being taken by DeviantArt and are only offered to accomodate the strange circumstance that you have a lot of points you want to use or you're somehow unable to pay through normal people type methods. Please also note that I am not willing to bear the cost of DeviantArt's cut out of my pocket, the 20% that they take on the point commission system is reflected by the point costs being 20% higher than the cash price, making this option not a good deal for you, the customer. Sorry.)

Sketch: $15. Example:

Line art: $20. Example:

Flat solid cel-shaded: $25 Example:

Cel-shaded with shadows (monochrome or color): $30
Monochrome example:
Colored example:

Quick painting: $40. Example:

More detailed, complicated painting: $50. Example: ,

* More complex backgrounds, from $5 and up (depends on complexity and difficulty) *
* Both SFW and adult commissions accepted *
* Conventional anthro and MLP commissions are fine *

What do you get? Full-sized (usually 2560px wide or better) originals in JPG and PNG, suitable for making a wallpaper out of, downsizing for web posting, or just whatever you want to do with it! Up to you. I would like to be able to post a smaller version (1280px wide or smaller) on the web as an addition to my gallery of work (with appropriate credit given to you as the commissioner and character owner), but I won't turn around and sell prints, resell the finished image to anyone else, or otherwise make money off your character.

Payment through Paypal is, again, much preferable. That said, the point commission box thing is below:


Very Mature and Ladylike - sketch by wdeleon
Bink by wdeleon
Simple monochrome digital sketch.
Shaded Sketch
Vixen Shaded Sketch by wdeleon
Random Skunk by wdeleon
Sketch w/ value shading
Line Art
"Winter" line art by wdeleon
Dance of Battle lineart by wdeleon
Cleaned up digital line art
Blue Hair Bunny by wdeleon
Solid color cel-painted style.
Cel-painted with shadows (monochrome or color)
Very Mature and Ladylike by wdeleon
Rampage Face! by wdeleon
Cel-painted style, with solid color shadowing
Quick Painting
Commission for SeraphimRush by wdeleon
Tammy in a Blue Shirt by wdeleon
Faster, looser style digitally painted images
More detailed, complicated painting
Sphnx by wdeleon
Rainbow Blonde by wdeleon
Taliea Midnight Faye by wdeleon
Chipmunk on a Summer Afternoon by wdeleon
Gadget, post '80s. by wdeleon
The Dance of Battle by wdeleon
Digital painting demanding more careful detail and time investment


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h-panda Mar 16, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the watch!!
Aneirasilvermoon Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I spotted you on the page with the swiss cheese religious logic. The whole "hate the sin, not the sinner" bs.
MrNeonShot Feb 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I can't help but notice that most of the characters you draw are blonde. Any way you could make a brunette?
wdeleon Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, there's one way. I take commissions, and if someone commissions me they can have a character drawn with any hair color they want. :D
MrNeonShot Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
And I am out of cash :P
Sorry, bro.
As well as the fave! So thank you for both the watch and fave >w<!
Thank you for the watch ;u;!
smithandcompanytoons Feb 9, 2014   Digital Artist
Hello, you open for art trades?
Are you open for requests?
wdeleon Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm available for commissions.
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