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Toymaker's Creation

"When you're rife with devastation
There's a simple explanation
You're a toymaker's creation
trapped inside a crystal ball!
And whichever way he tilts it
know that we must be resilient
We won't let them break our spirits
as we sing our silly song!

When I was a little filly
a galloping blaze overtook my city
So they shipped me off to the orphanage
Said, "Ditch those roots if you wanna fit in"
So I dug one thousand holes
and cut a rug with orphan foals
Now memories are blurred
and their faces are obscured
But I still know the words to this song!

When you've bungled all your bangles
and your loved ones have been mangled
Listen to the jingle-jangle
of my gypsy tambourine!
Cause these chords are hypnotizing
and the whole world's harmonizing
So please children stop your crying
and just sing along with me!"

- Pinkie Pie, "Friendship is Witchcraft"



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Fursona commission by wdeleon
Fursona commission
Commission bought by :icon06agrant: for a friend.

Interesting change of pace, since I usually draw females. But it's good to get some practice at other subject matter, too!

Commission info:
Commission Prices! by wdeleon
Commission for Ich - 2 by wdeleon
Commission for Ich - 2
Based on an old YCH that no one had bought until ich decided he was interested, this my second commission for him of his coyote girl. This time it's in a more subtle and ambiguously macro-ish context. She seems normal sized, but where did that pool toy come from? ;)

Like his last one (, it was a picture with some challenges, such as how to do the water. I think the visual effect of the limbs below the surface turned out fine, but the light effects on the surface could have been somewhat different. I kept poor Ich waiting long enough as it was trying to be the perfectionist I am and keeping picking at it, though, so at some point I had to just deliver the best I could.

Once again, a good opportunity for learning and practicing, and I appreciate the commission business. :)

Commission info:
Commission Prices! by wdeleon
Scars by wdeleon
More of the character from Scars by wdeleon

"Every day these scars remind me of the terrible things I did once.

I can't go back and be something different. I can't undo the suffering it caused. Still, it doesn't have to rule my mind and future. Sitting under the trees in summer, know that they'll shed their leaves in autumn and grow them all new in spring again. Even trees with deep scars and the harshest disfigurements continue growing and changing just the same. When I see that, I feel like I can start again and leave that old past life behind.

The marks will always be a story with a painful lesson. They hurt for a long time, but out here, in the sun, where I can see that this world that still has so much beauty left in it, they don't anymore.

Things can get better. It's still possible to be happy, no matter what happened before."

Commission Info:
Commission Prices! by wdeleon
Commission for Ich by wdeleon
Commission for Ich
Commission for of his macro coyote girl.

This commission had some challenging aspects to it. it's the first time I've ever drawn a macro scene, for one, and I think some of the background elements could have been done a little bit better with more experience.

Good learning opportunity, though. :)

... And my commission queue is empty now...

Commission info:
Commission Prices! by wdeleon



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I like to draw things sometimes. I'm not a professional in the sense of making my living primarily on it, but I will admit that it's a dream of mine to eventually be able to do that. The best I can manage right now is the very occasional commission here and there, and I may never make it "for real", but all the same I don't think I'll ever give up. I enjoy this too much. :)
It's called "Strategic", and it's the story that goes with the cover art I posted yesterday ( ).

It's on Here's the link:…

This story is great because chess is great. Also because I wrote it and I'm awesome. :iconapplejackplz:

Mostly, though, you should read it because it features the two best princess sisters just being sisters and this was my attempt to take a bit of a closer look at that, which I've always found interesting to dig into.

Leave comments and likes and other such adoration for my horsewords here or on Or tell me how I screwed everything up, if I did. That helps too, if that's the case. I look forward to it!


Very Mature and Ladylike - sketch by wdeleon
Bink by wdeleon
Maid Marian by wdeleon
Scarred, Practice Sketch by wdeleon
Simple monochrome digital sketch.
Shaded Sketch
Vixen Shaded Sketch by wdeleon
Charlie, shaded sketch by wdeleon
Sketch w/ value shading
Line Art
"Winter" line art by wdeleon
Dance of Battle lineart by wdeleon
Cleaned up digital line art
Blue Hair Bunny by wdeleon
Solid color cel-painted style.
Cel-painted with shadows (monochrome or color)
Very Mature and Ladylike by wdeleon
Rampage Face! by wdeleon
Cel-painted style, with solid color shadowing
More detailed, complicated painting
Sphnx by wdeleon
Chipmunk on a Summer Afternoon by wdeleon
Gadget in a Skirt by wdeleon
Fox in Sox on a Box by wdeleon
Bone Flute by wdeleon
Digital painting demanding more careful detail and time investment


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You know, just for giggles. And for Luna. :)

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